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Blogging can be one of the most spectacular things you can do to amp up your marketing game, especially if you want to increase your branding presence to your audiences, or even improve your overall SEO. But, I can understand it can get difficult when you maintain several blogs which need constant publishing of articles.

Not only you may lack ideas, creating content for all of your blogs seems nearly impossible. What you need here are some best article generator tools that can give you a perfect created blog post for your next blog. If you search Google for the best article generator software, you will find a bunch of crappy tools that gives shitty results.

That’s why I have thoroughly researched the web and found some of the best SEO-friendly article generator tools that work like a charm. Without wasting further ado, let’s get into the list of best article writer software we have found. Enjoy!

1. Article Forge

Your search to automatically written high-quality content will end with Article Forge. This SEO article generator is created with Article Intelligence research so that it caters to all your needs.

To offer even better quality, Article Forge uses deep learning models that enable it to write on any topic with human-like quality with plagiarism-free content. The best part about Article Forge is that it can automatically post to WordPress by creating content, add relevant Images, LSI keywords, links to your new content.

The Article generator is available at $57/month, $27/month when you opt for annually.

2. Article Builder

This is another useful article writer software that gives 75-90% of accurate results. The tool is developed by popular team Prosperative – content marketing company. They have a plethora of content tools. Article builder is one of them.

Article builder produces new content with the help of the Super Spun Article mechanism. The tool works for more than 145+ niches or topics. If you are looking for a web 2.0 SEO articles generator, you should give it a shot. The pricing is $127/year one time.

3. SEO Content Machine

If you are looking for the best article generator for your blogs then nothing could come close to the quality of an SEO Content Machine. Many top digital marketers use it for their PBNs and Web 2.0 sites. Unlike most of the other software mentioned in this post, SEO Content Machine is downloadable software. It can work on all platforms such as Mac, Windows, or Linux systems.

The software enables you to automatically insert images, videos, links, subheadings, lists, etc. in your new content. Similar to Article forge, it can even publish the generated articles directly onto your WordPress sites.

The pricing of this content creator tool starts as low as $27/month or you can get a lifetime access plan with a one-time fee of $197.

4. Articoolo

Articoolo is one of the best article creator software that exceeds the level of quality of features available. The newly generated content sounds like as it has been written by a human.

Articoolo has been featured in many news magazines such as Yahoo, TechCrunch, The Next Web, Inc, and many more for its jaw-dropping article generating features. The best part is that the software works in more than five different languages.

Apart from creating plagiarism-free content, you can also use this tool to generate headlines, find images & quotes, etc. This software works based on pay per use model. 10 articles cost $19, 50 articles $75, and 100 articles do cost $99. You can a little more by opting for their subscription-based packages.

5. AI Content Generator

AI COntent Generator is created by Zyro is typically an all-in-one suite that enables you to build a website and launch an eCommerce store. Among its set of tools, AI Content Generator is one we are looking for today.

The idealogy behind offering this unique article generator is that the team behind it encourages you to focus on launching and growing your store/website. While the content creation part should be on automated mode. This SEO-friendly article generator can come up with headlines, relevant images, links, and more. If you are setting up an eCommerce store, this is for you.

Having any of the best article generator software definitely comes in handy to come up with unique articles. All the article creator tools mentioned here offer all the features that you would require to put your content creation process on the automation mode. So without any hesitation, sign to their free plans, test them out and choose the one that you find the best.

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