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EZTV is a popular name when it comes to downloading TV Shows and anime series. EZTV has been around for over a decade now and providing full TV Shows, and anime series and EZTV users are not able to find an alternative to this website. The site doesn’t seed the less popular TV shows or downloaded less by the peers. It also has a forum where users can discuss the TV series they want to watch.

The site also providing a lot of improvements over the year like adding new features, filters, better torrents, etc. However, it is really annoying to see it not loading for you. If the site fully down, it can be understood. But theEZTV was banned by your ISP or Government. In this case, you really can’t access it from your browser anymore which can be really frustrating.

So, If you want to unblock EZTV when it is blocked via its main domain, you can try any third-party proxy websites. However, these services will slow down your internet connection and it can be really sad to see so many ads on the proxy websites. So, there are some better alternatives to access EZTV when it is blocked if you don’t want to use proxy websites. that can be found below.

How to Unblock EZTV

If the main website is blocked by your ISP, you can use the following methods to unblock EZTV for you. Currently, the site was blocked in the UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, Canada, and many more countries. You can simply use a proxy site to bypass these restrictions. However, below I have some other best alternatives for you. Enjoy!

Tor Browser

Tor is an Internet networking protocol designed to anonymize the data sent across it. Using Tor’s browser will make it difficult, if not impossible, for any snoops to see your webmail, search history, social media posts, or other online activity. They also won’t be able to tell which country you’re in by analyzing your IP address, which can be very useful for journalists, activists, business people, and more. Especially torrent users in our case.

Download Tor browser 

Unblock Via VPN

VPN is a private network that interacts with public network i.e. Internet allowing users to send and receive data anonymously. Using a VPN will give you an ability to connect from a completely different IP address and location to the internet. So, that nobody can actually spy on you. this way you will be more secure while browsing torrents. If you ask me, I would recommend you try a paid VPN as they will come with dedicated servers and they don’t keep logs of your data.

The List of EZTV Proxy/Mirror Sites

These EZTV Proxy/Mirror sites are hosted in countries where EZTV is not blocked yet. So, If you are unable to access it via its main domain even after using the above methods, simply use one of the EZTV proxy/Mirror sites below. This EZTV proxy/Mirrors will have the same design, torrents, and updates as the original domain. The only difference is that they operate from a different domain.

Note: Please bookmark this article by clicking on Ctrl+D as we will keep adding new EZTV proxy and mirror sites to the list above as soon as we find them. If you have any other EZTV mirror sites that overlooked here, please share them in the comment section below. We have posted other popular torrent & streaming websites proxies and mirror sites on our website. Please check them also.

EZTV Alternatives

Everyone will follow some methods to get relaxed in their leisure time. Some play indoor games, while others prefer to socialize with other people perform different tasks. However, most of us watch movies and TV shows on the internet. So, guys! If you are among the ones who want to watch Tv shows then probably EZTV is the website to enjoy the latest movies in HD 720p, 1080p CAM, Blue-Ray, and many other qualities.

However, due to the EZTV ban, many of us are looking for some better alternatives to EZTV so that they can continue to watch their favorite TV Shows online. Below, I have mentioned some of the best sites like EZTV torrents. In fact, some of these EZTV alternatives have better torrents than EZTV in some aspects.

  • Project free TV
  • Putlocker
  • FMovies

1. Project free TV

project free tv

Project Free TV formerly known as Free TV Video Online is an online website you can trust to consume your dose of TV shows, and movies online that too without any registration. Project free Tv has faced a lot of issues like copyright claims, DDoS attacks, and more so it moved to a new domain.

If you can still access Project Free TV and watch free movies and TV shows online, you are lucky. However, if you are not able to browse it then I suggest you to try some of the Project free TV proxy and Mirror sites I have written in another article.

Official website:

2. Putlocker

Putlocker is yet another popular torrent website when it comes to watching movies, Tv shows online. You can watch movies, TV shows in various qualities such as 720p. 1080p Full HD. Basically, it is a streaming site and it has been over a decade it is online even though many of its domain has been shut down. it is popular with three different domain names –, and

If you are unable to access it via these domains, you can use Putlocker Proxy/Mirror sites that I have discussed in another article. You can easily unblock Putlocker using the tricks I have mentioned there.

Official website:

3. FMovies

Fmovies is yet another popular name that comes to our mind when we are in need of the latest movies, TV shows, and anime. if you want to download all this stuff for free you must visit FMovies. You can watch biographies, the latest movies, and anime as well. FMovies has always been my favorite site to consume daily dose of movie content out there.

However, due to new internet regulations, the site is not available in many countries. If you are among the one who is not able to access it then I will recommend you to use some of the tricks I used to unblock FMovies.

Official website:

Final Words

I hope this guide on How to unblock EZTV by using EZTV Proxy/Mirror sites was helpful. We have discussed various methods to unblock EZTV torrents. And now I would like to hear it from you, which is your favorite method to unblock EZTV? or do you find any EZTV Proxy/Mirror site that is not covered here, please share them with us in the comment section below?

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