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List of Top 21 Online Money Making Jobs: Part-time or Full-time

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Technological advancements have revolutionized how people make money. Are you disappointed by your 9-5 job because you can’t make ends meet? Do you want to supplement your income from the comfort of your home? Do you dream of working for fewer hours and still earn handsomely?

If your answer is YES, an online job is the best way to go.

Quick Facts about Online Jobs

  • You can work remotely
  • You can earn money with or without professional skills
  • Your job can either be part-time or full time

Why Should You Seek an Online Job?

Unlike traditional jobs that required specific skills, complex hiring processes, and physical appearance, online jobs are incredibly flexible. You only need to identify the market needs, what you’re knowledgeable or passionate about, and then get started!

The most breath-taking fact about online income-generators is that you can work remotely on a part-time or full-time basis in any industry globally.

That is quite interesting, right?

Here is a list of online jobs you should consider:

Top 21 online  jobs ( Part-time or Full-time )

1. Create a Blog

Are you passionate about a specific topic or wish to share some of your experiences? Are you a stay-at-home mom who seeks to earn part-time as you take care of your family?

Blogging is one of the most popular ways of earning money. Initially, blogs involved writing daily entries of one’s experiences. However, blogging has tremendously grown, and it now incorporates SEO and digital marketing. Businesses are also using blogs as part-and-parcel of their daily activities.

You can work for a company as a freelance blogger (in-house), set your blog, or become a guest blogger. Blogging can be a good passive source of income with time.

2. Become a Travel Agent

Are you interested in travels and would love to connect customers to their dream destinations? A travel agency is an exciting career that you can start from the confines of your home. As a virtual travel agent, you can work for an established company like Dream vacations or create your agency.

While you may require some expertise and certification, you can start from zero skills and learn your way to the top through online programs. Once you have obtained a license, you are at liberty to search for customers and start making money. The best thing about being a travel agent is that you may get traveling rewards to visit astounding destinations!

3. Online Tutor

Did you know that you can make money by just sharing knowledge? The basic requirements for this job are a computer and video-chatting programs like Skype or Zoom.

You can find many platforms where you can register and start earning immediately as an online tutor. For instance, TutorMe pays tutors to teach various subjects, such as Engineering, Math, Computer Science, History, Social Sciences, and Humanities.

4. Play Poker

If you are a poker enthusiast, you can earn money by playing it online. Well, this is not an easy job as it requires specific strategies and mental capabilities. However, it’s a good chance for you to exercise your social and gaming skills and make profits.

Earning money through poker needs you to work hard and smart. You can make money through low stake cash games, NL10, or NL25. For more information on these, check BlackRain 79.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant

Do you love helping others and wish to make money by doing simple tasks? Being a virtual assistant (VA) allows you to work for businesses or offer freelance services to various clients.

Virtual assistance is flexible as you can do numerous activities like updating posts, emailing, researching, commenting on blog posts, and listing products. You can work as a VA on a part-time or full-time basis.

6. Watch Ads

Getting paid to watch ads may sound ridiculous or impossible, but it is a reality. It is one of the simplest ways of earning extra cash on a part-time basis. Some companies pay viewers to watch their advertisements on TV, films, and YouTube videos. By watching and reviewing these ads, you help businesses to promote their products and services.

You can make money by watching ads on websites and apps like Swagbucks, InboxPounds, iRazoo, and TV-Two without any professional skills.

7. Be a Freelance Writer

Apart from blogging, there are other ways of making money as a freelance writer. Online writing jobs are ideal for individuals with a passion for expressing their ideas ‘on paper.’ Freelance writing is a diverse field that incorporates article writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, press releases, product descriptions, B2B, and B2C writing.

Upwork, Fiverr, DotWriter, Freelancer, and ProBlogger, are among the leading online platforms that you can join and make money as an online writer. For more information on freelance writing sites, visit elcacain.

8. Create an eBook

Writing and conventionally publishing books may be a costly and hectic process. If you have a way with words and dream about self-publishing, writing eBooks is the way to go! Creating eBooks is relatively cheap as you may only need to hire a graphic designer or an editor.

To make money from eBooks, you can sell them on your website, social media, or platforms like Amazon, Smashwords, and NookPress.

9. Dropshipping

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur but worried about the potential risks of starting a business? Dropshipping is one of the trending online ventures. A significant advantage of this online business is that it requires minimal start-up capital.

Dropshipping also allows you to partner with manufacturers and wholesalers and sell their products all over the world. You can market the products on social media, your website, Amazon, or email marketing.

10. Provide SEO Services

Do you have exquisite SEO (search engine optimization) skills or aspire to develop competency in that area? To become an SEO specialist, you need a vast knowledge of analytics, algorithms, and optimization. You also have to be creative, innovative, and a problem-solver.

To make money through SEO, you can become an in-house SEO consultant and offer services like developing web content, optimizing websites, analyzing statistics, and creating multiple links. You may also offer SEO services as a freelancer on a part-time basis.

11. Translate

Do you possess bilingual or multilingual skills? With the current globalization of the job market, there are many translation opportunities in multinational organizations. You can earn money as a translator remotely as a full-time or part-time job.

The online space has numerous platforms where you can find translation jobs, including Fiverr, Upwork, Speak, Acclaro, Lionbridge, and PeoplePerHour.

12. Online Surveys

Do you have some time to spare and don’t know how to utilize it? Rather than spending it on meaningless tasks, you can earn extra income by taking online surveys. Many research organizations require individuals to participate in surveys and also pay for them.

You can find paid online surveys on sites like Toluna, OnePoll, Swagbucks, LifePoints, InboxPounds, and Pinecone Research. What a simple way to make money!

13. Get Crafty (Earn through Etsy)

Are you a talented and creative handcrafter who wishes to sell unique goods on a global marketplace? Etsy is an online platform that connects sellers with special products with interested customers. Etsy will charge a significantly low cost to list and market your extraordinary product on their site.

14. Become a YouTuber

YouTube is among the leading websites in the world. The site enables confident, talented, and creative individuals to make money in several ways. You can use video content to showcase your skills, market products, or entertain viewers.

YouTube has a partner program that allows one to earn through channel memberships, merchandise self, ads, super chats or speakers, and premium revenue. Besides acquiring many subscribers as an influencer, you can earn brand partnerships and earn extra income.

15. Day Trader

Are you a risk-taker focusing on short-term investments? Day trading involves buying and selling stocks on the same day that you purchased them. The business may seem easy and not require any professional skills. However, you need sufficient knowledge of the foreign exchange market and experience in trading.

To succeed in day trading, you must research extensively and also learn from experienced day traders.

16. Freelance Web Designer

Do you have skills in web development, coding, graphic design, and SEO? The online space is bursting with money-making opportunities for you. You may have experience in web designing, but don’t worry if you are just a beginner. You can take up short courses to refine your competency.

Web designing has become a necessity for thousands of businesses, hence, in high demand. You can join the market through online platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Aquent, and Guru.

17. Sell Photos Online

Do you possess outstanding photography skills and would love to share that with the world? You can monetize your passion for photos by selling them on various websites. Microstock websites such as Shutterstock and iStockPhoto are a great way to kick of your photography career.

Examples of well-paying photo websites include; 500px where you can earn 70% net for every license on 500px stock images, SmugMug Pro that offers 85% markup for your images, and Etsy.

18. Micro Jobs

If you have little time to spare and need additional income, micro jobs are ideal for you. The less-engaging jobs require you to do simple tasks and get paid for them. For instance, you can take online surveys, review products, watch ads, classify images, and write songs or humorous stories.

You don’t need any specialized skills to take micro-jobs; therefore, almost anyone can do them. Online sites offering micro-jobs include Fiverr, Inbox Dollars, and Amazon Mechanical Turk.

19. Online Consultant

Have you accumulated skills and experience in a particular field that you would want to share and help others? Online consultancy is one of the best ways of finding professional fulfillment while earning extra income. You can also research thoroughly to find a niche that you could satisfy with your expertise. Once you have identified your market, market your services through a personal website and social media.

You can increase your online consulting income by offering high-quality services, enhancing your credibility, charging clients upfront, giving discounts, and recording your consultancy sessions.

20. Social Media Manager

Social media has not only improved our interactions but has created vast opportunities for businesses to sell their products or services. Building and maintaining social media presence is vital in promoting any business.

If you have the know-how of attracting an online following and unique business strategies, you can make money as a social media manager. The job requires you to specialize on a specific online platform, promote brands or products, conduct market campaigns, and analyze results.

21. Event Planner

Are you a focused, organized, and composed individual with excellent planning skills? Event planning can be a profitable venture to engage in and make money. While many events may need your physical presence, you can still earn by planning virtual events. The Covid-19 pandemic has opened doors for online events that also require event organizers.

To generate income, you need to develop valuable content that attracts delegates and sponsors, have effective pricing strategies, and offer extra value to the participants.

There’s no doubt that the internet holds countless opportunities for you to earn money. The article has shown you some online money-making jobs you can take on a part-time or full-time basis. Good luck as you embark on this online journey!

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