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Primewire aka 1Channel or Letmewatchthis is an awesome online streaming website that is used to stream the latest movies, TV shows, Series for free. It has an amazing design and a collection of good movies. However, due to copyright issues, the site has to close its operations and move to a different domain. If you are among the fans of Primewire and looking for the list of Primewire Proxies and Mirror sites, you came to the right place.

If you look at history, you will find quite interesting stories about the notorious website. Users will get access to the latest Hollywood movies and Tv series without paying anything. While uploading pirated content is illegal and watching them is equally the same. After a lot of discussions, the site has to shut down on its own.

This did not stop hardcore fans of primewire from coming up with Primewire mirrors and proxy sites. In this article, we will look at some of the best ways to access primewire along with some of the primewire alternatives to finish. Let’s check them out!

How to Unblock Primewire

There are various methods available to unblock Primewire when it blocked. The first thing that comes to our mind is the Proxy website. Proxy websites will hide your location and other details so that you will able to access it without any issues. However, there is a problem with proxy sites. They don’t provide a secure layer while browsing torrents. It can get you caught by the ISPs and governments. So, I would recommend you to try other options mentioned below.

Tor Browser

Tor is an anonymous web browser using which users can access the internet anonymously. So, If a pron website or some government website is not accessible for you can use the Tor browser and unblock the website for you. It works just like a proxy website. The only difference is it is more secure than a simple proxy. The only drawback is sometimes, your identity may be leaked to your ISPs and governments. This is not good at all.

Unblock Via VPN

Out of all the available options out there VPNs are the best way to unblock any blocked site. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. That means when you are connected to the internet via a VPN, your location will be hidden and no one can actually trace you. However, there is always a discussion like free VPNs vs Paid VPNs. Both of them work equally well. the only difference is that free VPNs keep logs of your browsing history.

If you are serious about your safety while browsing torrents, I would recommend you to use a Paid VPN instead of a free one. This will not only ensure you are 100% safe. you can also browse the torrents at very speed.

The List of Primewire Proxy/Mirror Sites

These Primewire Proxy/Mirror sites are hosted in countries where Primewire is not blocked yet. So, If you are unable to access Primewire in any way, you can easily access it using one of the Primewire Proxy/Mirror sites below. These Primewire Proxy/Mirror sites look the same as the original website but the only difference is they operate from a different domain. Just browse through the primewire proxy/Mirror sites one by one to know the best working ones.

Note: Please Bookmark this webpage by clicking on Ctrl+D so that you will be able to get the latest updates on the latest Primewire Proxy/Mirror sites. We will keep adding more and more Primewire proxy sites as we find them. So please stay tuned to us.

Primewire Alternatives

  • Fmovies
  • 123Movies
  • Solarmovie
  • 123Movies
  • Putlocker

1. FMovies

fmovies proxy/mirror sites

FMovies is an awesome website that provides free streaming and downloading of the latest movies and TV shows without sign up or registration. The thing is it doesn’t host any ads while watching movies online. Fmovies provides the fastest servers available to its users. So, they will get super-fast experience while watching movies online.

New movies and episodes are available on the website early than other torrent websites. That is why millions of users love to visit this website. Moreover, when you load a movie or put download you’ll be amazed to see how fast they are. Picture and Sound quality are amazing too.

Official website:

2. 123Movies123movies online

123Movies is one of the best online movie streaming websites from where anyone can watch the latest movies for free in HD quality. The 123Movies is so popular that many will directly go to 123movies and watch their desired movie instead of googling. The website is so popular because it has a simple user interface, high-quality servers, updates very frequently.

If you are unable to watch movies using Primewire, I suggest you try this primewire alternative. You won’t be disappointed much. Lately, the websites is facing many issues to operate as a clean website. So, Some of you might be not able to access the site as before. If you are facing the same issue, you can use 123movies proxy and Mirror sites I have provided in the other article.

Official website:

3. Solarmoviesolarmovie proxy

Solarmovie is yet another best alternative to Primewire when it comes to watching movies online. I used to watch new movies and TV shows a couple of years ago due to its sound and picture quality of the movie. Unlike other websites, the website starts to play in 480p, 720p automatically depending upon the internet speed. by now you must be understood that these sites are illegal and tend to ban in countries like India, the USA, and many more.

If you are facing the same issue, then you can use one of the Solarmovie Proxy/Mirror sites I have provided in another article. If you are outside of these countries you can try your luck at

Official website:

4. Watch Series

watch series proxy

Watch series is yet another best alternative to Primewire when it comes to watching movies online for free. But what makes watchseris so special is that it has the fastest servers available and they don’t show many ads while playing the movie. I would say watch series is the best destination to enjoy the latest movies in HD 720p, 1080p CAM, Blue-Ray, and many other resolutions.

The moviegoer is serving a wider audience for a long time. I would definitely appreciate its efforts. However, using the site is illegal and you are countable for doing so. You can use a VPN to hide if you are too keen.

Official website:

5. Putlocker

Putlocker is one of the popular names when it comes to streaming and download movies online. You can count it as one of the best alternatives to Primewire. On the home page, you will find navigation to find the desired movies quickly. Putlocker allows you to watch the latest Hollywood movies, tv shows, and anime series for free in 720p HD and 1080p, and Blue-ray qualities.

The website has to change many of its domains due to strict policies. It is popularly known by the domains –, and However, you can find many of Putlocker Proxy/Mirror sites here at

Official website:

Final Words

I hope this guide on how to unblock Primewire using Primewire proxy/Mirror sites was helpful. What do you think of this article?

Also, let me know which is your favorite method to unblock Primewire. or Did I miss anything? Either way, let me know your feedback in the comment section below. If you have more primewire proxy/mirror sites, please do let us know.

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