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solarmovie proxy/mirror sites

Watching movies has taken a paradigm shift ever since the Corona pandemic has started. People are forced to stay at home and theaters are closed anyway. Online movie streaming is there for a while but a lot of people are shifted to watching movies online in recent times. But most of the people, Netflix, amazon prime, and other OTT services are not affordable. That’s why sites like Solarmovie fill the void and offer free movie streaming online.

Using Solarmovie, you can watch free movies and game shows on the website. However, for most of the people, Solarmovie is not accessible in recent times. If you are looking to unblock Solarmovie, you came to the right place. Today. I am going to provide you with a list of 30+ Best Solarmovie Proxy/Mirror sites to unlock

For most people, solarmovie is one of the popular choices when it comes to watching movies online. The site has been serving users for over a decade now. On solar movies is that you can watch movies from various countries with English subtitles in other languages, it is easy for viewers to watch these movies. The best part is, you don’t need to register or pay anything to watch movies using Solarmovie. Ok, now without further ado, let’s move to the topic for today – How to unblock Solar movies.

How to Unblock Solarmovie

There are various methods available for you to employ to unblock Solarmovie. the first thing that comes to our mind is that proxy sites. Here, a proxy site will hide your location so that any geo-restrictions will be lifted. However, when a website is completely shut and not available with the original domain extension, you will need to find some mirror of the website. Below I have provided a list of Solarmovie proxy/mirror sites using which you can easily unblock solarmovie.

Tor Browser

Tor is a popular method to unblock any blocked website. Basically, it works like a normal proxy site providing you with high security. However, when you are browsing the streaming websites using Tor, you will tend to get slower speeds. That is due to it being a network of individual computers available on the internet. So, the best method I suggest you to try is using a VPN.

Unblock Via VPN

You can unblock solarmovie using a VPN. VPN has also known as a Virtual Private Network that means using a VPN, you will be connected internet anonymously. Why I like VPNs the most is that they provide faster speeds, anonymity, and security while browsing the torrent website. There are free and paid VPNs available in the market. However, If possible, I would suggest you to use a paid VPN as some of the free VPN are slow with a lot of ads and they keep logs of your data.

The List of Solarmovie Proxy/Mirror Sites

These Solarmovie Proxy/Mirror sites provided below are hosted in various countries where it is not banned yet. That means if you are unable to browse Solarmovie via its main domain, by means of Solarmovie proxy/Mirror sites, you will be able to access your favorite movie streaming site, solarmovie. Solarmovie Proxy/Mirror sites will have same design, torrents, and updates as the original domain. The only difference is that they operate from a different domain. Just navigate to Solarmovie Proxy/Mirror sites one by one and save your favorite sites which are faster.

Note: Please bookmark this webpage by Clicking on Ctrl+D so that you will get the latest updates of new and working Solarmovie Proxy/Mirror sites whenever we add them. It will help you to access Solarmovie proxy/Mirror sites without searching them again. And please report us the broken solarmovie links, so that we will update them with new solarmovie sites.

Solarmovie Alternatives

  • FMovies
  • Primewire
  • Watch series
  • 123Movies
  • Go Movies

1. FMovies

fmovies proxy/mirror sites

FMovies is similar to Solarmovie when it comes to watching movies online. The website provides different genres to stream movies online like Action, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, and many more. It does have some ads. However, they are very less compared to other streaming websites. Fmovies is currently available in the United States, UK, Taiwan, Korea, and China.

Like Solarmovies, you can watch movies on Fmovies for free without any registration or Sign up. So, if you are unable to access Solarmovie, you must give this a try.

Official website:

2. Primewire

primewire proxy

It is obvious that most of the online streaming sites come and go. However, some sites stay for a long time irrespective of situations like copyright laws, DDoS attacks, domain takedowns. One such site is Primewire. Primewire is itself is ana amazing streaming site where you can watch movies, TV shows and much more.

If solarmovie is not accessible for you, you can use this solarmovie alternative. Primewire is currently accessible through a list of Primewire Proxy and Mirror sites provided below.

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Official website:

3. Watchseries

watch series proxy

Watch series is one of my favorite streaming websites where I can watch the latest series, episodes for free. Without spending hours on the internet, you can get your desired stuff on this website within minutes. The website is widely used by thousands of visitors via its main domain The website keeps changing its domain due to high pressure from authorities, media giants, and copyright holders to shut down. However, if you are unable to browse it using the main website, you can use one of the watch series proxy and mirror sites.

Official website:

4. 123Movies

123movies online

123Movies is yet another best site to watch free movies online. It has all genres including action, sci-fi, comedy, anime, romance, drama, history, musical, adventure, horror, crime, war, and many more. 123Movies also has TV shows, Asian dramas, as well as Japanese and Western cartoons. In a nutshell, it has something for everyone.

The website will be visited by thousands of users on a regular basis to find the latest stuff online for free. So, If you are unable to browse it via its official domain, you can use 123Movies Proxy and Mirror sites and unblock it for you.

Official website:

5. Go Movies

GoMovies is considered as one of the biggest portals to watch and download the latest movies, Netflix, and Tv series for free. All the movies are available as soon as they are released or even before their release. These online streaming websites provides endless list of free movies, TV series, and many more for free. if you are unable to browse it using the official website, you can use GoMovies Proxy/Mirror sites available on the internet.

Official website:

Final Words

To conclude, I hope his guide on How to unblock Solarmovie using Solarmovie Proxy/Mirror sites was helpful. Now I would like to hear it from you. Which are your favorite methods to unblock Solarmovie? Or Did I miss anything? Either way, let me know your feedback in the comment section below.

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