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1337x proxy and mirror sites

1337x is one of the most popular torrent search engines to download free movies, TV Shows, Games, Applications, Software, and many more for free. The torrent website used to be visited by thousands of users on a regular basis. But, recently the site has to change domains frequently to avoid privacy issues.

If you are among one of the fans of 1337x and not able to access it, you are in the right place today. As I am going to explain to you exactly how you can unblock 1337x torrents using 1337x proxy/Mirror sites and we will also look at some 1337x alternatives in this article. So that in case, if 1337x is blocked or not accessible for you. You will simply be using one of these methods below and enjoy browsing your favorite torrents.

So, Without wasting much time, let’s get into our task for today. ie. how to unblock 1337x.

How to Unblock 1337x

There are various methods available to unblock 1337x for you. One of the popular methods is to use a third-party website like proxy sites. Proxy sites are websites that allow users to hide their location and help you to access geo-restricted websites. However, Proxy sites come with little to no security measures and often you will find it disgusting. SO, I would strongly recommend you to try other options provided below.

Tor Browser

Tor is an anonymous web browser that works like Proxy sites with additional security measures. All you need to do is download an appropriate version of Tor to your computer. Then connect to it. You will now connect to the internet as a private network. No history will be saved so no one can really access what have you done on the internet. This way you can protect yourself while browsing torrent files.

Unblock Via VPN

This is so far one of my favorite methods to unblock the sites when it is blocked, however, you will need to spend some money on paid VPNs. As free VPNs don’t guarantee the security of your browsing history and may sell your data to other businesses. So, I strongly recommend you opt for a paid VPN while choosing VPN method.

You can get a lot of VPNs at a 2$-3$ per month. And I would say it worth the money. Once you have a VPN, just enable it from your computer and click on one of the 1337x proxy/Mirror sites below, it will spontaneously unblock the site for you.

List of 1337x Proxy/Mirror Sites

These 1337x Proxy/Mirror sites are provided will have the same torrents, design, and updates as the original website. The only difference is that they operate from a different domain. So, If you are unable to access 1337x for any reason, just browse through the list of 1337x proxy/Mirror sites provided below. You will be able to browse your favorite torrent website, 1337x.

Note: Bookmark this website to get future updates on the latest 1337x Proxy and Mirror sites. As we will keep adding them from time to time. You can come back at any time and acres the list of free 1337x proxy sites.

1337x Alternatives

  • The Pirate Bay
  • Kickass Torrents
  • Extratorrents
  • Torrentz2

1. The Pirate Bay

tpb proxy | the pirate bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the most visited torrent websites back in 2017. It definitely one of the best alternatives to 1337x torrents. The Pirate Bay, you will be able to download the latest movies, TV Shows, and Music for free. The search looks simple on the home page. However, it will fetch almost close results for any given query.

Due to privacy issues, the most popular torrent website has to shut down most of its domain. But, It is still strong enough to come up with new domains every time. Currently, it has over 20+ Best working Proxy and Mirror sites to help access the pirate bay.

Official website:

2. Kickass Torrents

kickass proxy/mirrors

Kickass torrents are yet another great website that facilitates peer-to-peer sharing of files through BitTorrent protocol. The website is much popular for providing torrents and magnet links to movies, TV Shows, Ebooks, Applications, XXX, and many more.

Back in 2017, when most of the torrent sites are shutting down, Kickass torrents too shut down its websites. But, it did not stop hardcore fans and users of KAT to creating more of the KAT Mirrors to help the users continue to use Kickass torrents. Currently, It has many Proxy/Mirror sites in its name. You can search this website for Kickass Proxy/Mirror sites for more information.

Official website:

3. Extratorrents


Extratorrents is yet another best alternative to 1337x when it comes to downloading media from the web. It has ruled the internet for quite some time on the internet as one of the biggest torrent websites after the shutdown of main websites like the Pirate Bay, and Kickass torrents. However, like other website, the time has come to shut down most of its domains.

It did not stop the loyal fans, users to create more of its mirrors, and proxy sites to keep it going. What we are seeing at the Extratorrrents Proxy/Mirror sites are the blessings of those hardcore fans.

Official website:


Rarbg torrentsI have a personal attachment to RARBG torrents. As it has everything I need at one place like Movies, XXX, TV shows, Games, Software, Box Office, and many more. It is definitely counted as one of the major alternatives to 1337x torrents. There is a forum where users can discuss with each other about the media and files.

All the torrents on the website are verified 100% so you can expect to get mostly the file you are looking for. Every movie available on the website is available in different formats so that everybody can choose the appropriate version of the movie.

Official website:

5. Torrentz2

torrentz2 proxy and mirror sites

Torrentz2 formerly known as torrents is a torrent meta-search engine that combines results from various torrent search engines such as Kickass torrents, The Pirate Bay, Extratorrents, and many. By using the torrentz2, users can download torrent and magnet links to their favorite movies, Tv shows, Games, and other stuff for free. The best part about torrentz2 is that it has nearly 60 million magnet links in its database, one of the biggest in torrents history.

When you search on the website, it gives auto-suggestions based on the search history so that users can select it immediately. For every query, the website crawls the web and provides a list of 100+ results. Then you need to select the movie to download based on the quality.

Official website:

Final Words

I hope this guide on how to unblock 1337x torrents by using 1337x proxy/Mirror sites. And we have also looked at 1337x alternatives too. What do you think of this list? or Do you find any other options to unblock 1337x or a new 1337x proxy that is overlooked here? Either way, let me know your feedback in the comment section below.

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