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How to earn money from home without any investment

The concept is known as ‘Work from Home’ has been around since the late 1970ties when the first personal computer was invented, this gave workers the ability to work remotely, and with the personal laptop, it became possible to actually take office work home, etc given the portability of the laptop. Furthermore, the 1990ties saw the birth of the ‘Internet’ and the ‘World Wide Web’ which completely revolutionized how the world works, as computers could be connected, linked, and networked, giving access to a limitless flow of information, tools, and resources.

For many, the convenience of working from home is important to them, in order to juggle personal or family commitments with the necessity and obligation which their job demands. For others, the level of improved productivity and flexibility is a key factor in their decision to work from home.

No matter the reason for opting to work from home, it’s taken on a whole new dimension with the advent of mobile phones which really blurs the line and makes it extremely easy and effortless to make the switch, and without a doubt, this is a trend that will reasonably continue into the foreseeable future.

List of ways you can make money online

There are a number of ways and online tools that makes it possible, convenient, and perhaps even more rewarding for some, to earn money from home, without the oddities of a daily commute to the office, or the humbling experience of putting up with a weird or unfriendly boss, and the list is endless, I am sure you get the point. If working from home or if wanting to earn money online is your thing, then be sure to look up and try these out; Legit ways to make money online without investment.

1. App Development

If you have technical skills for the development of websites and mobile applications, then this should come naturally to you. There is a world of potential clients on the internet that are seeking experts to help them in putting or developing their business or personal ideas into App form.

If you have the skillset and think you can work from home, then you can certainly make money by enlisting on Upwork, Fiverr, etc., in order to locate and work with paying clients.

2. Freelancer

This can come in various packages and generally cuts across any one particular given skill set. Simply put, if you have anything you are good at and you want to monetize it while working from the convenience of your home, then take on the world of Freelancing.

It offers high flexibility and you can alternate between doing a number of things you have the right
skill set for in order to make money. If this is your thing, try out Upwork and Fiverr, etc.

3. SEO

Well, this is just a fact you acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which by the way is also a fancy way to say ‘Digital Marketing’. You will require relevant and appropriate technical skills to be able to carry out most tasks, functions, and activities in this field, so it helps to first acquire such skillset if you don’t already have them. The web offers a vast amount of potential clients that are looking for SEO service and support, so there is money to be made.

4. FX Trading

Arguably the largest known financial market by global volume, FX trading is a sure way to make money if you know how to manage the attendant risks and all other factors and indicators appertaining to the operations of the market.

For some, it’s highly risky, even if you have the right skill set but lack decline, while for rookies it can be financially lethal if you dabble into it as a novice aiming to earn big with uncontrolled and poor choices or decisions.

However, if you learn the fundamentals and can work with trading tools and resources, including good apps, then it’s worth a go and can be a steady income source.

5. Online Tutoring

If tutoring for pay is right down your alley and you have the experience either as a teacher or mentor, educationist, guide or counselor, etc. Helping others learn and acquire wisdom, education, experience, guidance, etc, can be a great way to earn money sustainably. You can connect with potential clients through Upwork, Fiverr, and other platforms.


There is an abundance of opportunities to explore and exploit in order to make money online and be really good at it. The fact of the matter is, personal commitment, motivation, and above all the requisite skill set are needed in order to be successful, this much is true for anything in life and that same principle holds true even more so with earning money online, where some or most paying clients not only depend on the quality of work you provide but also rely on trust and professionalism since it’s a virtual world out there.

Work from home can be fun, relaxing, and regenerative, for some it’s convenient, and for others, it’s a necessity, no matter what, most people are already engaged in it one way or another, just make sure to earn from it doing what you are good at.

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