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Zooqle is an amazing torrent site. The Torrent site is providing torrent files for new movies, TV shows, PDFs, Full Games, Software, and more for many years. Thatis why if you are looking to get all these files for free, you can just visit Zooqle torrents via to get any of them free. All you need is to have a BitTorrent client like BitTorrent, uTorrent, etc. in your Personal Computer. Thousands of internet visit this site on a daily basis to download free stuff. I know that is why you are all in love with Zooqle.

However, The site has lately been inaccessible to many users worldwide. The reason being, it’s the main domain of Zooqle has been blocked due to numerous copyright infringement lawsuits. That’s why Zooqle is not working for many users. If you are also one of them, you are at the right place. Now, the only way to bypass this restriction is via Zooqle Proxy and mirror sites.

In this article, you will discover different ways to unblock Zooqle when it is blocked. Also, I have provided a comprehensive list of Zooqle Proxy/Mirror sites for you. These proxy & mirror sites are clones of the real Zooqle torrent site. Below here we are providing 25+ Fast Zooqle Proxy/Mirror Sites which you should utilize to quickly unblock Zooqle torrents site. Scroll down to view the Zooqle proxy sites below. Enjoy!

How to Unblock Zooqle

When I Google the site IS UP

Maybe it is blocked by your ISP, university, or company.

In this case, you can use any third-party proxy website to unblock Zooqle easily. However, the proxy websites will be very slow and they will disturb your torrenting experience with a lot of pop up ads, etc. You can use a Tor browser to unblock Zooqle. And If you can afford I would suggest you use a VPN instead of all these options, it will spontaneously unblock the website for you.

There are many VPNs available on the internet today. So, you can just research and subscribe to a better VPN that will provide the fastest servers and don’t keep any logs.

The List of Zooqle Proxy/Mirror Sites

These Zooqle Proxies and Mirror sites are hosted in countries where Zooqle is not blocked yet. So, If you are unable to access it via its main domain – even after using the above methods, simply use one of the Zooqle Proxy/Mirror sites below. This Zooqle proxy/Mirrors will have the same design, torrents, and updates as the original domain. The only difference is that they operate from a different domain.

Note: In order to unblock the Zooqle torrents website you just need to click on any of the above provided Zooqle proxy/mirror links. It will instantly unblock Zooqle torrent for your internet connection. I hope this article listing Zooqle proxy/Mirror sites helped you a lot. Bookmark the article of best Zooqle proxy & mirror sites because we keep on adding more Zooqle proxy & mirror sites to the list to make the list more help for everyone who is searching Zooqle torrent proxies.

Zooqle Alternatives

  • Seventorrents
  • iDope
  • Torlock
  • Demonoid
  • Picktorrent

1. Seventorrents

Seventorrents is one of the best and trusted sharing networks that provide safe movie downloads via uTorrent and other BitTorrent clients. Seventorrent staff moderates each and every file for speed, relevancy, and any malicious software found in the torrents. Then they will approve it to the users to download.

The site is very friendly for new users as it provides only verified torrents and they don’t need to worry about being injected with malware etc. About half a million users visit this on a monthly basis to download the free content. it also provides useful information on BitTorrent clients and how to use them properly. Recently, the site handed over to

Official website:

2. iDope

idope proxy

Launched as the tribute to Kickass Torrent when it went offline back then, the iDope torrent has since worked so hard and it is now among one of the major torrent websites. Now, even after the revival of KAT Torrent, iDope torrent is still providing high-quality torrent downloading service to download movie torrents, games, software, ebooks, and more.

While there are several idope mirrors and clones available online, most of them are not working or are fake. Instead, you can use a site like Kickass torrents, RARBG, and YTS Movie torrents.

Official website:

3. Torlock

torlock proxy/mirror sites

Torlock is yet another best alternative to Zooqle when it comes to downloading movies and tv shows, Torlock is the best torrent website because it provides best torrents of tv shows & movies unlike other torrent sites which are just a big huge network sharing torrents in many different categories, many of which are unverified, have a slow speed or now inactive.

Torlock has helped us a lot in the past decade to get a fast speed torrent of any desired movie or TV show through its main website. However, now it is considered legal anymore and it has to close its business. However, you can still access it using Torlock proxy/mirror sites.

Official website:

4. Demonoid

demonoiod proxy/mirror sites

Demonoid is yet another best alternative to Zooqle which is providing a clean interface, verified and high-quality torrents on Movies, TV Shows, Games, Software, eBooks, etc. So, you can download any latest movies, tv shows, games, or ebooks for free at the fastest speed. I also prefer downloading the torrent from Demonoid rather than any other torrent site due to the trust it has gained from me over the span of many years because of the high quality and fast torrents.

The torrent website has also provided a unique feature to chat with fellow users discussing the torrent files. Everything was looking good until recently when the site was blocked in major countries due to copyright issues. However, you can still access it using Demonoid Proxy/Mirror sites.

Official website:

5. Picktorrent


PickTorrent is absolutely one of my favorite torrent websites to download cool movies, tv shows, games, software, ebook, music torrents. I truly love the site’s user interface and the torrent I’ve downloaded from the PickTorrent torrent sharing website is always of the highest quality. However, the site has been banned in many countries including the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, and many more.

it has become really annoying that PickTorrent is being unavailable frequently and a few days ago, it was completely blocked in my internet connection. Hence, a good way is to utilize is to use PickTorrent proxy & mirror sites. These proxy & mirror websites are a copy of the original PickTorrent torrents, they will just do the job.

Official website:

Final Words

I hope you liked this guide on How to unblock Zooqle using the list of Zooqle Proxy/Mirror sites was helpful. Keep this list bookmarked and whenever Zooqle is blocked, just come to this website and enjoy downloading your favorite torrent from Zooqle. And, if you know any Zooqle Proxies and Mirrors, then you are free to add it using the comment section below and help other users.

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